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Why choose TeleUpachar?

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For Private and Secured Consultation

Connect with NMC registered highly qualified doctors in real-time for a private and secure video consultation


No Location or Device Restrictions

Get accessible affordable care at the comfort of your home while saving on travel expenses and time


Medical Records, E-Prescription & Medicine Delivery

Secure consolidation of all your medical records along with e-prescription and medicine delivery at your doorstep

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What people say about us

“It was a new experience for me. I see a bright future for TeleUpachar. ”


“The video consultation went really well. Thank you and the whole team for your incredible help. I appreciate it ”

A patient from Australia

“Easy to use and practical. Love the ease of getting consultation from my office without taking any leave. Thank you. ”


“The consultation went very well and also the video and audio quality of the video call was amazing. ”


“I had a very good experience with TeleUpachar. Felt good after consultation. The sound and picture was very clear. ”


“Good experience online counselling and treatment. Kudos to the entire TeleUpachar Team. ”


“Great initiative, I have already started promoting it to my patients who travel 2-3 hours to see me. ”


“Telemedicine is something new in Nepal and I am sure it will definitely pick up. Great job overall on starting and glad to be on the roster. ”


“Great doctor and the service is wonderful as well. ”

Patient from Japan

“My video consultation went great with the doctor and the medicines were also delivered on time. Thank you for the amazing service ”


“Friendly staff; Reasonable consultation fee; Easy access. ”


“विश्वका विभिन्न मुलुकमा भएको यस्तो व्यवस्था नेपालमा पनि शुरु गरेकोमा Vriya Technologies लाई बधाई छ । रु ५०० तिरेर विज्ञ डाक्टरको सेवा अनलाईन मार्फत जुनसुकै बेला गर्न सकिने रहेछ । औषधि पनि घरमै ल्याइदिने व्यवस्था रहेछ। मैले यसबाट निकै लाभ भएको महशुस गरेको छु । एकपटक तपाईँ पनि अनुभव गर्ने कि? ”


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